About Us

A Family Tradition for over 100 yearsgutshalls

Starting in 1908, my Grandfather, Frederick Geisler was employed as a Master Carpenter where he utilized his skills as a homebuilding framer and finish carpenter. During my school years my grandfather taught me the trade of carpentry and for the next 9 years my summers would be filled with lessons in framing and carpentry, along with patience, respect of elders, humility and of course, the fine art of fishing.

Back then, they built Homes not just houses. Homes where the children grew up in and came back to visit their parents and relatives over the holiday season. Homes where memories were forged and familiar smells were all around. Neighborhoods where neighbors knew each other by their first name and were always willing to lend a helping hand. Homes where front porches, outdoor courtyards and backyards was where the family would gather in the evenings.

In 1980, after serving my country as a fighter pilot in the US Navy, I came back to the homebuilding business, a profession I had learned to love during my early formidable years with my Grandfather. For the last 30 years I have been building homes and communities for thousands of families across the country. For the last 20 years my wife Regina has been designing and developing neighborhoods as a project coordinator for some of the to engineering firms in the country. In 2007, while traveling across the U.S., my wife and I fell in love with the area and the people here in Southern Missouri. Since that time we have been working toward bringing our talents and skills and forming a homebuilding company to the area, which would incorporate all the values we learned growing up in simpler times. It is our goal to bring back the old charm of warm homes in friendly neighborhoods with the modern conveniences of today’s lifestyle.

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